I believe in each patient’s ability to heal

Let me tell you a story….
A few years ago, I was walking to my car at the parking garage of St Thomas West after a long day at work. I saw an elderly gentleman standing by the elevators - he looked lost. I greeted him with a warm smile and asked if he needed help. He responded that he was looking for the Emergency Room. We were very close to the ER. In fact it was right across the street, so I told him in my kindest and most helpful voice, “You are almost there! All you need to do is cross the street at the crosswalk and that is the ER!” I gave him another smile, and we parted ways. I got into my car and was “patting myself on the back” thinking to myself, “Wow, he was lucky to run into me because I was so friendly, and I was able to give him directions.” But then as I was leaving the garage, I saw him standing not far from where we parted near the crosswalk. Though I stopped to help and gave him good directions, I immediately knew that this man needed MORE than what I offered. Just then, a woman crossed the road and had a brief conversation with him, and then she put her arm around his, and they crossed the street together. It was a powerful moment...

sometimes we can tell people where to go, but other times we need to interlock arms and walk with them
After 20+ years of being a doctor, I realize that some patients need directions to get where they need to go, and others need someone to walk with them. But traditionally a doctor's schedule does not allow the time for this type of life-on-life care. I realized I am in a unique position to find a way to offer it to those who need it. I have started "Crosswalk" so that I can walk with patients who need “more.” Not every patient needs this type of care, but some of you do. Some need it at the beginning when your new diagnosis is overwhelming. Others need it years later to reboot/recharge/refocus! Many people know they need more than 1 visit every 3 months. Several of you need accountability or support. And lots of patients are scared and confused and struggling. If you are someone who thinks the idea of weekly visits and daily check-ins would be a huge help or welcome relief ... then this is designed for you! If you know it is time to commit to your health, I am ready to walk with you!
Crosswalk is a program that goes “beyond the exam room.”
We will walk together toward your goals. This includes the right mix of accountability, education, medication, diet, exercise, spiritual disciplines and lifestyle changes. Our goal is not just to relieve the pain, but to optimize your wellbeing and improve your health!

Due to the time commitment, I am only able to take a few patients into this program (if the program is full we will put you on the waiting list)

The fee is $2950.
The 12 week program consists of:
  1. An initial office or video visit to outline the program and set goals.
  2. Weekly 30 min video visits to review last weeks successes and struggles and to continue setting goals.
  3. Daily check-ins via text (Mon-Fri). I want you to feel as supported as possible. You are encouraged to text daily any question or concern between weekly sessions, so that you feel supported throughout our time together. And I will check in with you with some education, motivation and encouragement.
  4. You will receive a binder that contains educational material and worksheets related to your specific health issue. Throughout the 12 week program, additional material will be provided for your binder.
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