Video or Phone visits are conducted when coming into the office is not convenient or safe. These are done during regular business hours, and payment is taken at the time of the visit by debit, credit or HSA card. The cost of a TeleVisit is $175.
Although most care is completed during office hours, sometimes patients need their doctor after hours. Evening and weekend visits can be scheduled for urgent issues that come up after hours or to accommodate someone with a difficult work schedule. The cost of an after hours visit is $250.

9 Simple Steps to Creating Your eVisit Account:

  1. Register your account.  Open Firefox or Google Chrome on your desktop or laptop browser and click on this link to register your account:
  1. Set your password. Pick a password for your account and then click the “Register” button.
  2. Create your profile. Before you submit your first eVisit request, you need to complete your profile. This should only take a few minutes.
  3. Tell us the basics about you. Fill in your personal information (name, date of birth, etc)., and continue. Then, Click on your name in the upper-right corner of the page, select My Account, and click-and-complete allergies tab, medications tab, medical history tab, procedures tab, family history tab, and a few additional questions and upload your favorite photo of yourself. Make sure to click “Save details.” Note that all this information is 100% secure.
  4. Select your pharmacy.Go to the “My Pharmacy” tab and search for your preferred pharmacy. Once you find it, click on the name to select it. If we determine you need a prescription after the eVisit, this is where we’ll send the order.
  5. Add a credit card. Head over to the “Payment” tab. Here you’ll need to provide a credit card we can use to process payment for your remote visits. We will notify you of your payment obligation and offer you the option to cancel before we charge your card.  Insurance is not billed. This is a cash for service visit.
  6. Set-up your notifications. Last, go to the “Settings” tab to set-up your notification preferences. You can receive updates about the status of your remote visit requests via text, email, phone, or all three. You can also use this section to update your email or password.
  7. Request your first remote visit! Your account has now been created, and you are ready for your first remote appointment through the eVisit online app! Contact us whenever you are ready to schedule or request a Scheduled Visit by clicking “Request Visit” at the top of the page.
  8. Download the eVisit mobile app.For quick treatment on the go, you can also download the eVisit mobile app for iOS or Android. You’ll be able to connect with your doctor from truly anywhere — all you need is your smartphone!


If you have any problems or further questions about getting started, feel free to email eVisit’s Customer Care Team at or call 844-693-8474


0-5 min $25
6-15 min $65
16-30 min $125
31-45 min $175
46-60 min $200

It is strongly recommended that you run an equipment test prior to your first eVisit to be sure you can connect without any camera or microphone problems.

Please note: Telemedicine is only available for Tennessee residents.

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